Classical artists in Komló

The 2021 ClassiKo event, which was a great success, is now over.

We thank the performers, the participants in the organization for their dedicated work and special thanks to our supporters. Without them, this event would not have been possible. Also thanks, for those who attended in this two-day event. See you in 2022.


ClassiKo is a classical concert, brought to life in 2020. The main goal is to enrich the culture of Komló and to introduce and support the classical talents / musicians of the town. Our concerts feature outstanding talents from the Kökönyös High School, Erkel Ferenc Primary School of Art, university students, teachers and well-known and artists derived from Komló.

As the diversity of performing artists shows, one of the main aspects of the concept of the concert is the traditions embracing the different age groups: the acquisition of a common musician and a stage presence; all in the presence of Komló’s demanding audience.

Program 2022

Coming soon.

“The audience of this concert will be filled with a special and rich experience. The young, Komló born talents, at the gates of their artistic career will prove, that the young, former miner’s town has enriched our beloved homeland in the field of music, and that they will be able to continue this task. There is not only economic, but cultural conditions for the survival and enrichment of our country and our nation. Music is an important tool of our spiritual refilling. (the Good Music)Let us reassure that these young talents of our city, who are trying their wings, that they are very much needed, and that they have an important task ahead of them and what has great responsibility.”

Ferenc Tóth - Liszt Prize-winning conductor

Performers 2022

Coming soon.

"A zene kifejezi mindazt, ami szavakkal elmondhatatlan, mégsem maradhat kimondatlanul."

Victor Hugo

"A zene ott kezdődik, ahol a szó hatalma véget ér."

Claude Achille Debussy

"Teljes lelki élet zene nélkül nincs. Vannak a léleknek régiói, melyekbe csak a zene világít be."

Kodály Zoltán

Fuchs Diána

artistic director

It has been clear to me since I was a child, that music will means everything to me. The studies took me beyond the borders, and just like many of my colleagues, we all seek the Hungarian audience, a domestic stage, and the joy of the playing our music together. The main goal of my initiative, is to introduce the classical musicians of Komló and their fellow musicians to the dwellers of Komló.

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